Hi. I’m Jen

I’m a wedding photographer who’s had the misfortune of witnessing one too many cringe-worthy photo booths

Seriously folks, in 2015 I hit breaking point with the downright awful quality most of these contraptions were spitting out. They were the definition of “meh” at best. I knew I could do better


The Selfie Box emerged with a bang, introducing our magnificent enclosed booth to the world: dazzling studio lighting, glamorous sequin backdrops, and a skin-smoothing filter that made even the celebs jealous.

But the story doesn’t end there! As time marched on, I decided to shake things up and introduce a brand-new star to The Selfie Box family. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the arrival of our luxurious open-air booth! Gone are the walls that enclosed your moments. Say hello to a spacious and stylish setup that lets your creativity soar.

The Selfie Box is my baby (or one of them!) and when you reach out to us, you’ll most likely be greeted by yours truly. I genuinely care about our awesome customers, and every time someone trusts me to sprinkle some epic-ness onto their event, I break out into my signature happy dance.

So, let’s make memories, have a blast, and capture some unforgettable moments together. Say cheese and get ready for a ride with The Selfie Box!

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