Hashtag Printer

Our hashtag printer is an exciting new product to engage with your audience and promote your event on social media.

It's incredibly simple and fun - guests take photos with their smartphone and upload to Instagram with a hashtag that is unique to the event. The hashtag printer collects any images that use the chosen hashtag and almost like magic, prints a polaroid style photograph instantly for the guest.


Snap a photo on instagram

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Add the event hashtag


Pick up your print!


The hashtag printer is programmed to search social media for images with the unqiue hashtag - As photos are uploaded to Instagram they are immediately downloaded and displayed on the printer screen. Prints are created automatically and surrounded with your desired branding and delivered to the guest on site in less than 10 seconds. It can be used in a number of roles – for marketing, entertainment or as a unique way of capturing some awesome moments of your family and friends at your wedding or party.

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All hire includes the following:

Hashtag operator

Unlimited prints

Custom branding on prints

Organic social reach

Delivery & setup

USB of all images

2 Hours


3 Hours


4 Hours



Double Prints - £50

Extra Hours - £50 Per Hour

Spacial Offers

Add 3 hours hashtag printing to one of our photo booth hire packages for just £199

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How does the Hashtag Printer get installed?

Your hashtag printer operator arrives on site 1 hour in advance to set everything up, and they'll remain on site throughout the event to make sure everything runs smoothly, engage with guests and encourage people to take photos.

Will the Hashtag Printer work if my Instagram account is set to private?

No. User accounts need to be set to public in order to work.

Can we see all the photos from the event?

All the hashtagged photos will be automatically saved during the event. We can Dropbox them or upload them to a USB to deliver to you in the next few days.

What size will all the images be printed?

Prints are 6x4” (standard photo size). The image is printed square with the space around the image used for your own branding or message

Is there a limit to the number of prints we can do?

For every hashtag upload one 6x4 print will be printed. There are no limit's on the amount of hastag of uploads. For an additional charge we can offer duplicate prints or 're-prints' on demand.

What are the setup requirements for the Hashtag Printer?

We require access to power and 1x2m floor space.

Does the hashtag printer need the internet to work?

Yes. We will provide our own 4G wifi modem however, if your venue has wifi available please send us the details in advance of the event.

Will the printer work if we upload photos on Facebook?

No. Our software is only compatible with Instagram and Twitter.

Who decides what our unique event hastag is?

You do. Your event hashtag can be anything you like.It's best to choose a hashtag that is short and easy to remember keeping in mind you want to be unique.

How long does it take for the photos to print?

Our printer is super fast! It takes 8 seconds to print one 6x4" print.


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